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Excellent family board games for screen-free entertainment.

Stop the never-ending streaming.

Your family is probably hurrying through the everyday chaos of life with work and school for the majority of the week, barely finding time to have a fast meal before homework and bedtime. A traditional family board game, however, has the ability to persuade your entire group to press the pause button for a few hours and make way for memories that will last a lifetime. You’ll be happy to have a family-friendly board game on hand that doesn’t require any technology. And the best part? It takes your kids’ attention away from their screens for a few hours.


  • 1LOTS OF LAUGHS Not Parent Approved: A Card Game for Families Not Parent Approved $24 AT AMAZON
Not Parent Approved

This family-friendly card game uses fill-in-the-blank questions to direct players and was inspired by the extremely adult game Cards Against Humanity. Then, each player selects a card from their hand that they believe is the best answer.

The answer cards are completely absurd, so be ready for some bizarre combinations. My kids adore playing this game in the vehicle.

Happy Salmon

Happy Salmon is what you’d get if you combined the popular Old Maid and War games and made them faster and more enjoyable. Even though it’s the fastest game you’ve ever played, you won’t stop playing it since it’s so enjoyable.

This game will be a huge hit with your kids since it caters to the way their minds operate, which is fast and chaotically. It’s a crazy journey, and there is no time for second-guessing.

  • 3FAST PLAYINGKids Against Maturity: Card Game for Kids and Humanity Kids Against Maturity $25 AT AMAZON
Kids Against Maturity

Your inventive children will come up with the funniest combinations in this fill-in-the-blank, family-friendly game.

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This game is a clear winner for the family night because it’s chock full of humor that’s suitable for kids and innuendos that adults can all laugh at. Consider it a safe way to let off steam while still being amusing and respectful.

Spontuneous Board Game

This family board game belongs in every home. Not only will everyone have a blast getting goofy, but the time spent playing this game doubles as an opportunity for kids to build confidence when it comes to expression, creativity, and improv.

When my family plays, it takes about 45 minutes to complete a game, making it a solid choice for younger players with shorter attention spans.

  • 5GREAT FOR PARENTS, TOO Family Feud Trivia Box Card Game Family Feud $38 AT AMAZON
Family Feud Trivia Box Card Game

You may have a lot of fun at your upcoming family game night with this tiny cube. Players can choose from hundreds of questions in this Family Feud trivia box version of the well-known game show. It is timeless.

Additionally, parents can play this game properly after the kids have gone to bed. (Only adult responses.)

  • 6BEST FOR BLUEY FANS Trouble: Bluey Edition Board Game Hasbro Gaming $17 AT AMAZON
Bluey Edition Board Game

Your youngsters will likely enjoy our Bluey Trouble game because they already love Bluey.

The majority of us have used Trouble. It’s incredibly fast-paced and enjoyable, and it’s usually one of the first board games that kids play. The pieces in this version of the game are Bluey, Bingo, Mom, and Dad, and the board is set in their hometown, but the gameplay is otherwise the same.

  • 7GREAT FOR WHOLE FAMILY Beat the Parents Classic Family Trivia Game Spin Master Games $14 AT AMAZON
Beat the Parents Classic Family Trivia Game

Oh, it’s on. Finally, it’s our chance as parents to prove how good/terrible we are at board games once and for all. This hilarious game will have you battling your children through trivia, challenges, and daring wagers.

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Be prepared to do the dishes for a week after playing a few rounds of Beat the Parents: I’m pretty sure it’s rigged.

  • 8MOST ADDICTING BOARD GAME Labyrinth Board Game Ravensburger $35 AT AMAZON
Labyrinth Board Game

True story: Playing this game may lead to inexplicable quotations from Lord of the Rings, Labyrinth, and The Neverending Story. I know because I speak from experience. (And the Goblin King was a wonderful babysitter. Fight me.)

Labyrinth is a classic board game where players have to find the shortest route through the labyrinth to win. It’s easy to learn to play and absolutely habit-forming.

Heist Board Game

How well can you and your family work under pressure? Heist is a family board game that tests how level-headed you can stay while trying to crack open a safe and steal all of the loot. It’s not super easy, but kids 8 and up shouldn’t have a problem with it.

Follow the instructions carefully … because after three false moves, you’ll sound the alarm.

Wonders Board Game

This family board game is one of the best to ever hit the market. Perfect for ages 10 and up, this game has you build an entire civilization from the ground up using just cards and the board. It’s all about strategy, and it’s genuinely one of the best ways in which you can spend a Saturday night.

This game takes a few hours for my family to get through, so it’s definitely for ages 10 and up.


Brain Freeze

Brain Freeze

Mighty Fun!


This game is what would be born if Memory and Guess Who agreed to have a child. It calls just a little amount of deceit and a lot of mental space, making it ideal for children who wish to outwit their parents. Similar to Among Us, but with less disturbing content online.

It’s not always terrible for children to learn deception early on, right?

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Catan: Junior

Catan: Junior

Catan Studio




The wildly popular board game Settlers of Catan has a kid’s edition. For children ages 6 and older who are eager to discover the world of Catan, it’s the ideal introduction. (While navigating the tropical islands, don’t forget to find the gold.)

You won’t find a better introduction to classic table gaming anywhere than this. It’s quick to pick up, simple to play, and a lot of fun.


Disney Villainous Strategy Board Game

Disney Villainous Strategy Board Game


Now 13% off



Even though you may not want to admit it, the villain is always the most entertaining character in a Disney film. In order to win in this board game, you must channel your inner villain.

The game includes a few of your favorite villains, including Scar and Ursula, but you can also use other Villainous expansion packs to play it.


Amigo Games Clack!

Amigo Games Clack!

Amigo Games

Now 17% off




You need a game that everyone can easily grasp and enjoy when your family is made up of children of all ages, and Clack is it.

The instructions are straightforward. Roll the two dice while the magnetic discs are spread out. Everyone participating will compete to pick up each disc with the right shape and color combination. Get to playing; there’s no need to argue about the directions for hours.


No Stress Chess

No Stress Chess

Winning Moves Games

Now 35% off




This classic strategy game, which has more than 1,000 raving reviews on Amazon, is popular with parents who get to share their love of chess with their children. It’s simple to understand, quick to play, and a great way for kids to start playing a game they’ll love for the rest of their lives.