India vs. Pakistan in the Super 12s Cup 2022

India vs. Pakistan in the Super 12s Cup 2022
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In 2022, India vs. Pakistan in the Super 12s of the T20 World Cup Pakistan sets India’s Super 12s goal of 160 to win in the T20 World Cup 2022 – live

11.32 min ago BST
Five overs: Pakistan 22-1 (Kohli 3, Suryakumar 11) After switching to the Shane Warne End, Naseem Shah returns, and SKY continues to use the deep abysses of the field, scoring three more runs on the flick square of the wicket. Kohli makes a single glide, and SKY follows suit.

India has 90 balls to go to 138.

11.28 min. ago BST
Pak 17-1 in the fourth over (Kohli 2, Suryakumar 7) India maintains its pace as Suryakumar Yadav walks and hits a beautiful straight shot for four. carries it out with an additional cover for three. What a good beginning.

11m ago
11.24 BST\sWICKET! India: Rohit c Iftikhar b Haris 4, 10-2
Yet another! Haris Rauf’s aggressive pace and change of bowlers are the decisive factors, pulling an edge that rockets to a deep-set slip catcher. takes it neatly and low to the ground. Both starters are out.

11.21 minutes ago BST
3rd over: 10-1 for Pakistan (Rohit Sharma 4, Virat Kohli 2) The Indian hitters remain cautious as Shaheen Afridi plays on. A pair is put through the covers by Kohli. Shaheen taps his pad, drawing a response. Cagey material

11.19 minutes ago BST
2nd over: 7-1 for India (Rohit Sharma 3, Virat Kohli 0) Early in the game, Kohli, the star of the show, took the field.

22m ago
11.17 BST\sWICKET! India, KL Rahul b Naseem Shah 4, 7-1
What made him do that? Naseem bowls a length delivery with some movement that is adequate enough. KL Rahul attacks it from the front, cutting inside and returning to the stumps. Incision!

11.15 minutes ago BST
1st over: 5-0 for India (Rohit Sharma 3, KL Rahul 2) Right away. Can India’s openers match Shaheen Shah Afridi’s performance? Not quite, though India was on guard throughout his first over and only scored five runs in small pushes.

44 minutes, 10.56 BST
India needs 160 points to win.
At the toss, Babar Azam stated that a score of 160 would be a nice one. And Pakistan has arrived there by any means necessary, even by highway and byway. Fast bowling at the beginning of the innings was exciting to witness, with Babar and Rizwan reduced to mere spectators of Bhuvneshwar and Arshdeep.

Masood then managed the situation while Iftikhar settled in and went out to eat. In the final stages of the innings, Shaheen and Haris maintained enough momentum. Axar Patel’s one over was destroyed, Ashwin bowled neatly, and Hardik Pandya made effective interventions.

47m ago
10.53 BST
Pakistan’s 159-7 score after the 20th over (Shan Masood’s 52 and Haris Rauf’s 6) is yet another surprise in this innings. Masood scores a single, Shaheen is dismissed, and Haris Rauf then bowls his first pitch for a six-run six over midwicket!

Just takes it up off his toes and sends it flying away, complete delivery. A stunning photo.

However, on his following and subsequent swings, he misses. After Karthik misses the striker’s stumps on the final delivery and Bhuvneshwar scoops up the ball and misses the non-stumps, striker’s they return for a second extra.

WICKET! Pakistan defeats Shaheen c&b Bhuvneshwar 16, 151-8.


When it was enjoyable, it was. Shaheen attempts another powerful pull shot and chips a leading edge back to the bowler, who is a little taken aback as it lands in his hands but manages to hold on.

19th over: Pakistan stands at 149-7 as of 55m, 10.46 BST (Shan Masood 51, Shaheen Afridi 16) The opening ball of the over was flicked for Shaheen and cut for Masood. Then…

What the heck was that?

Shaheen dives down, snatches the ball from a distance, and flings it into the crowd! Has the incorrect Afridi been dispatched? What a great shot that is! The MCG’s flat six. He then follows that with a thunderous straight drive for four!

Shaheen Afridi has been quietly receiving batting instruction in a lab somewhere over the past six months.

The financial results for Arshdeep are suffering. He bowls a wide, which Karthik flubs out of frustration, and the Pakistanis run another extra. Masood moves quickly to

Over the past few months, Shaheen Afridi has been receiving covert instruction in batting somewhere, in a lab.

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Arshdeep’s financial statistics are suffering. He bowls a wide that Karthik mishandles because he is rattled, and the Pakistanis add another extra. Masood moves quickly to maintain the strike. Maybe he should turn it over based on recent data. 7 balls and a Shaheen 16!

10.38 hours ago BST
Pakistan 135-7 in the 18th over (Shaheen Afridi, 5, and Shan Masood, 49) Masood makes erratic runs while backing away from Shami and gaining a quick edge between the short third and the goalie. In the ring, backward point is also up. Mid-off is also there, and Masood fires a shot just square of the opponent! Almost a catch, but he puts it sufficiently.

they decide to take every run that is offered. Glances a run off the fifth ball to keep the strike, but Shaheen does the same from the sixth.

17th over, 1 hour ago 10.37 BST: Pakistan 125-7 (Shaheen Afridi, 4, and Shan Masood, 40) Afridi, do your job, hit a couple of twos to end the over. Arshdeep is 3 for 19 thus far.

WICKET! Pakistan 120-7 Asif Ali c Karthik b Arshdeep

Ignore that; he will be hit instead of being hit. With his excellent bowling to begin the innings, Arshdeep Singh now continues it. Tight lines, only revealing ones and twos, and then the bouncer appears to startle Asif Ali. It hits the batter faster than he anticipates, causing him to flinch and only be able to glove the ball up toward fine leg.

Karthik emerges from the stumps and circles around to make a wonderful catch. The next performer, Shaheen Shah Afridi, is ranked nine, which is way too high.

16th over, 1 hour ago, 10:29 BST: Pakistan 116-6 (Shan Masood 30, Asif Ali 1) Asif Ali has four more overs to slug it out. He begins with just one.

WICKET! Pakistan 115-6, Mohammad Nawaz 9, Karthik B Pandya 9.

That is what a cameo is, after all. Nawaz, a left-handed batsman, knocks four runs through point and a stunning lofted boundary over cover before catching a short, slower ball at the body with a small portion of his glove.

Pakistan is 106-5 after 15 overs (Shan Masood 30, Mohammad Nawaz 1) Masood eventually resumes his strike and tries to continue the game. slams a ball back past Ashwin for two runs despite it being so close to being caught because the batter applied too much force. then makes another square brace.

14th over, 1 hour ago 10.24 BST: Pakistan 98-5 (Shan Masood 30) Two wickets in one over and three sixes in the next. Shan Masood, meanwhile, hasn’t even touched a ball.

14th over, 1 hour ago 10.24 BST: Pakistan 98-5 (Shan Masood 30) Two wickets in one over and three sixes in the next. Shan Masood, meanwhile, hasn’t even touched a ball.

WICKET! Pakistan 96-4 Shadab Khan c Suryakumar b Pandya

That positive attitude is gone. Shadab attempts to block Panya’s straight delivery with a big slog that sails a mile into the air. SKY takes some time to consider it, but he maintains his cool to excite the crowd.

13th over, 1 hour ago, 10:19 BST: Pakistan 96-3 (Shan Masood 30, Shadab Khan 5) After Iftikhar’s departure, this should lift Pakistani fans’ spirits: As soon as he enters the field, Shadab Khan fires a straight drive down the field for four.

WICKET! Iftikhar Ahmed defeats Shami 51% to 93% in Pakistan.

Shami is of a high calibre. He strikes Iftikhar’s pad twice, once cleanly in front of middle stump and once via the inner edge. Excellent fast bowling with occasional seam cuts.

Sorry for the slow publishing; we’re having some internet connectivity issues on the ground.

WICKET! Iftikhar Ahmed defeats Shami 51% to 93% in Pakistan.

Shami is of a high calibre. He strikes Iftikhar’s pad twice, once cleanly in front of middle stump and once via the inner edge. Excellent fast bowling with occasional seam cuts.

Sorry for the slow publishing; we’re having some internet connectivity issues on the ground.

12th over, 2 hours ago, 10.16 BST: Pakistan 91-2 (Iftikhar Ahmed, 51, Shan Masood, 30) The first ball that Axar Patel throws in his first over gets smashed! Iftikhar lowers himself to one knee and smashes the ball over deep midwicket for a huge boundary that travels far into the crowd. How popular.

Next two balls? same therapy After moving forward and interacting with the ball’s pitch, he overlongs this time, straighter. forever lovingly hits it.

next ball, too. KL Rahul at long-off dives over the rope and gets hands on it, but he is unable to knock it back into the field of play since this hit wasn’t as clean.

Iftikhar then adds a cut shot for a three to end the over and subtract 21.

Simon, thank you; here is Geoff Lemon again.

10th over, two hours ago, 10.13 BST: Pakistan 60-2 (Iftikhar Ahmed, 21; Shan Masood, 29) Iftikhar makes a well-timed cut wide of third for four and then just misses a draw that was heading right for Suryakumar Yadav, who eventually gathers on the bounce. That concludes your mid-inning beverage break.

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11th over, 2 hours ago at 10:12 BST: Pakistan 70-2 (Shan Masood 30, Iftikhar Ahmed 30) More from Ashwin, and at long last, Iftikhar is releasing his chains! He walks down the track, and the ball bounces back over the bowler’s head! That is the maximum allowed by Aramco, or whatever they used to call sixes.

9th over, 2 hours ago at 09.51 BST: Pakistan 50-2 (Iftikhar Ahmed, 13, Shan Masood, 28) With the first over of the game’s spin, Ravichandran Ashwin had the opportunity to atone for that kind of slip — I believe he would have reached it had he responded more quickly as the ball approached him. The batters attempt a few heaves but their timing is off, and the boundary is too far away for them to reach. 50 to 1.

9.48 hours ago BST
Eighth over: Pakistan 44-2 (Shan Masood 25, Iftikhar Ahmed 11) As the game enters a state that could be described as sane, Shan quickly raises the ball high to third, where Ashwin moves slowly and finally must dive forward to catch the ball.

The audience erupts in jubilation as India celebrate the catch, the batters wait for the catch to be verified, and it appears that the ball fell just before hand, ensuring his survival. Mind you, another tight over.

9.42 hours ago BST
7th over: 42-2 for Pakistan (Iftikhar Ahmed, 11, Shan Masood, 24) Hello to everybody! Isn’t this enjoyable? I’m in the MCG, but I’m more or less facing away from the action, so I can’t truly understand the swing that the batters have been complaining about. I am really enjoying the environment, which is fantastic.

However, Shan slips the ball short, runs down the pitch, is sent back, and arrives there just as the bowler gathers, throws, and smashes the stumps, putting Hardik Pandya in position for a run-out.

Shan top-edges a draw to fine leg for a four, capping the over.

9.33 hours ago BST
Pakistan 32-2 in the sixth over (Shan Masood 19, Iftikhar Ahmed 7) Mohammed Shami will bowl the final over of the Powerplay, marking a change. He just bowled the 20th over against Australia in India’s final exhibition game. and won the game after taking three wickets. He is wearing two slips.

reason not begins by cutting the ball off the seam twice at 140 kph on a difficult length, leaving Masood helpless. He then pushes the third ball through point for four after backing up a touch. adds another flicked three after that, but the lengthy limits of the MCG prevent it. Iftikhar hits one square with a blow.

For a little while, we’ll have a handover with Simon Burnton.

09.28 hours ago BST
Pakistan 24-2 in the fifth over (Shan Masood 12, Iftikhar Ahmed 6) In recent English county cricket matches, Masood has been in excellent form. He plays a county stroke as he clips Bhuvi Kumar off his pads for three runs. Iftikhar executes a comparable shot for two before leaning back and hitting a pull shot for four. We need to launch a counterattack.

09.24 BST 2 hours ago WICKET! Pakistan 15-2, Rizwan c Bhuvneshwar b Arshdeep 4.

Fourth over: Pakistan 15-2 (Shan Masood 9) Arshdeep Singh hits a single and a boundary off of Shan Masood’s stroke off the pads, but the bowler answers by squaring up Rizwan and almost getting his edge. This combination bowling effort is spectacular to open a T20.

Before a leading edge ever appears in the air! Although Kohli dives forward while sprinting in from midfield, the ball reaches his hands on the half volley. Rizwan catches Arshdeep off the top edge to fine leg and Arshdeep is caught with one more ball to go! four runs off 12 balls for him!

09.18 hours ago BST
3rd over: 10-1 for Pakistan (Rizwan 4, Shan Masood 4) They still can’t connect bat and ball! In order to smash the ball into the pad, Bhuvneshwar chops Shan Masood in half three times in one over when bowling to him. Pakistan’s only scoring opportunities up until Shan Masood manages a yorker and Rizwan is astute enough to call him through were a wide and a perilous leg glance.

09.14 hours ago BST
Second over: 6-1 for Pakistan (Rizwan 4, Shan Masood 1) Shan Masood enters the game and continues where Rizwan left off—unable to put bat on ball. Left-hander vs left-armer, with the latter hitting a length and gaining swing, just as the opening day of a Test match.

Finally, Shan Masood tries the Morse cod run (dot, dot dash), but Virat Kohli’s underarm throw from mid-on would have hit the stumps and ran Shan Masood out at the non-end. striker’s After eleven balls, the first run is scored. However, Rizwan effectively completes the over: Arshdeep delivers it on the pads to offer a leg glance for four while failing to adjust his line for the right-hander.

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3h ago
09.09 BST\sWICKET! Pakistan scores a goal after Babar defeats Arshdeep Singh, 1-1.
Great moment! In this arrangement, the first ball is awarded as the best in the world! Babar Azam receives a left-arm over-the-wicket delivery from Arshdeep that swings into his pads and strikes him between the middle and leg.

He must review, of course, but it will probably be clipping the leg stump—and it is! not a yellow light, but a red one. When the ball was pitched and given a chance to swing, Babar was unable to make contact. The current noise in this area…

9.06 hours ago BST
First over: 1-0 for Pakistan (Rizwan 0, Babar o) Bhunvneshwar Kumar kicks things off and appears to be moving at peak speed right away. The first ball outside is left off by Rizwan, but the second leaps ominously at him and hits him in the glove! Painful. He seeks physiotherapy, is treated, and decides to continue to bat.

As he fumbles at the third ball, it flies over the top edge of the diagonal bat. From Bhuvneshwar, pace, bounce, and carry with the ideal seam position. Fifth ball: fumble and squander! Once more the bounce! It was moved away from the bat by the seam movement. The sequence is only slightly ruined by the sixth ball, which lands down the leg side for a wide. The substitute delivery hurts Rizwan.

9.01 hours ago BST
And we’re off…

08.56 hours ago BST
huge flags held by volunteers on the outfield. the groups ahead of them. The anthems are sung, with voices reverberating in waves throughout the amphitheatre. Gooseflesh moment

08.54 hours ago BST
The bowl of the MCG fills with smoke as the real fireworks explode. It rapidly vanishes in the chilly, whirling air of Melbourne. Since it’s still early in the season—October—not it’s quite cold outside, but it is chilly.

08.47 hours ago BST
The partnership at the top of Pakistan’s batting order between Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan will be crucial to today’s outcome in a big way. They have scored 2313 runs for Pakistan together at an average of 53, making them the most productive duo in history.

With 1809 runs at 51, Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul take second place.

08.41 hours ago BST
Internet trolls may have a vendetta against Virat Kohli, but the difference in the crowd’s reaction when he appeared on the big screen as opposed to every other Indian player indicates that he is by far the crowd’s favourite.

3h ago
08.39 BST
Babar Azam *
Mohammed Rizwan +
Shan Masood
Shadab Khan
Haider Ali
Iftikhar Ahmed
Mohammed Nawaz
Asif Ali
Shaheen Afridi
Naseem Shah
Haris Rauf

Rohit Sharma *
KL Rahul
Virat Kohli
Suryakumar Yadav
Hardik Pandya
Dinesh Karthik
Axar Patel
Ravichandran Ashwin
Mohammed Shami
Bhuvneshwar Kumar
Arshdeep Singh

08.35 hours ago BST
Right away. Rohit reportedly claimed that the cloudy weather caused him to hope for swing, which is why he chose to bowl first. Given that the MCG pitch is frequently a bit slow and the boundaries are so large, Babar believes that 160 may be a competitive event. He may be right.

08.33 hours ago BST
India will bowl after winning the toss.
More thunderous cheers as Rohit Sharma gains from the falling coin. He’ll go for fielding. Why, I’m not sure; the loudness of the throng is drowning out anything he says. Who has a quieter line on TV? When it’s Babar Azam’s turn to speak, he too receives a respectable round of applause.

08.32 hours ago BST
Wowwww! As Ravi Shastri appears on the big screen to call the toss, there is a loud cheer from the crowd below. Back he is.

03 hours, 08.30 BST
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08.26 hours ago BST
How about the climate? The prospect of rain has been a topic of conversation for the past few days. On Friday night, we had a lot of it, then on Saturday and Saturday night, we had some more, but not yet today. The radar appears to be clear right now, too! Wonderful mornings and happy evenings.